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Violinista/MC/Cantautor Violinist/MC/Singer-Songwriter

Sebastián ( )tero, a 20 years old born and raised musician from San Juan, Puerto Rico, started playing the violin at the age of four. After almost a decade of classical training, he began exploring the musical landscapes of jazz and other popular genres. Sebastián ( )tero is still developing his musical concept. He goes from singer-songwriter sweet and soothing melodies accompanied by the guitar and violin to hip-hop tracks. What he is sure of is that he wants to merge all these skills into a particular sound, which will give him a space to show off his versatility. Additionally, Sebastián ( )tero has a fully developed sense of his social responsibility as an artist, giving his time to bring the gift of music to the homeless, elderly, sick, and orphaned children, amongst others. He has performed at Aurora, The Spot, Brown University, and Wheeler High School in Providence RI, and Coliseo Pedrín Sorrilla in San Juan, PR. He is currently working on his first music project titled “Storias”. Sebastián is completing his undergraduate degree in Ethnomusicology at Brown University.


Sebastián ( )tero