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New Features: Direct Uploads and Easy Music Management

One of our team's main objectives is to stay up to date with what our users want, artists and fans alike. July has been a big month for us, and we are very excited to introduce some new features that y'all asked for!

Direct Uploads and Free Hosting

We now offer our artists the ability to upload any of their music directly to TempoTrader, and we will host it (for the free of course). The functionality surpasses that of SoundCloud: 
from the "Music" tab, artists can choose to upload any public tracks that they want exposure on, or private tracks that they want to monetize by selling Tempos. If you currently have an account and would rather upload directly than have your SoundCloud connected, feel free to upload some tracks and disconnect your SoundCloud from "Account Settings > Connected Accounts" in the drop down at the top right of your navigation bar.

music management made easy

We also wanted to make it easier and faster for our artists to manage their singles and projects. Click the + symbol next to "Projects"  to create a new project. A project can be an album or a collection of  tracks that you want to put out, private or public. Add artwork, make it private or public (by clicking the lock), add a description, and you are good to go. When you upload tracks, they appear in the "Inbox" on your Music page. Tracks in your Inbox are only visible to you. To make them live on your profile, drag them to the right and drop them in a project you have created, or in the singles section. As we grow and add features, this page will be the easiest place for artists to curate a dope VIP experience for their fans.

Flex on Your Profile

Now its way easier for artists to edit and update their profiles. After you have uploaded some tracks, click the "Profile" tab to see the page that your fans will see. Add genre tags, a cover photo, and a bio to make your profile more attractive to listeners that land there. When you are ready to share your profile copy the link and get it out on your social media. You know we will be there to help you with promotion.


To briefly update any new users or readers, previously on TempoTrader artists connected their SoundCloud accounts to get their music on the site. Any private tracks that an artist had on SoundCloud would show as private on TempoTrader and any public tracks on SoundCloud would also be public on TempoTrader. Connecting with SoundCloud is still an option for our artists, but now artists can host music with us for a more intuitive experience.

If you have any questions or suggestions for features and updates you would like to see in the future, please reach out - we do this for you! Click the contact tab in the footer and send us a message. We are working daily on more updates, so stay tuned.