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Interviews on the Ground: A Word With Priestess of Planet x

Coming from a family of musicians and pastors, Priestess of Planet X wasn't surprised when she found her path serving the people as an artist. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, she has lived in Nashville for most of her life and calls the city home. Influenced by "a long list of Prophets with microphones" like Tribe Called Quest, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, YoYo, Afro Puff, Kendrick, Chance the Rapper and many others, Priestess has a dynamic sound with a pure and genuine message. We got the chance to sit down with her and ask a few questions about her art, inspiration, and path. Enjoy!



Q: What inspired you to start making music in the first place? Any specific artist, track, or experience that made you dive in?

A: The starting point stemmed from the pursuit of truth for Self.
For a while there I was saturated in the low frequency, consumed by
confusion and dissatisfaction. It was overwhelming, so I took a
journey within Self to find a way to overcome it. My passion has
ALWAYS been to be a motivational speaker of some sort, so I created a
platform to speak and unknowingly a whole new platform was
created for me. Through my spiritual journey of truth the Most High
put the mic in my hand. I have not looked back since.

Q: How would you describe your music to someone that has never heard it before?

A: Healing, That's always my first answer, just because I take pride in mastering the eclectic variations of my sound! No matter what type
of melody is behind me though, the message is always the same. To heal from hearing a reflection of yourself. My sound is eclectic, but my soul sound is Neo Soul/Boom Bap!

Q: Do you have any upcoming projects? Can you tell us a little about what that might look like?

A: YES!! I'm so excited to be able to say that! My first mixtape,
Writuwalls of Planet X, will be out on New Years! I'm working on my
1st album as well! The mixtape is my spiritually crafted map to the
highest consciousness, love. With that being said, when you hear it,
you'll feel like you've just left the Hip Hop party of your life that
healed you in every cadence. This mixtape isn't just a mixtape. There
is a shift in awakening happening in our universe, my music reflects

Q: What influences your music other than other People's music? What elements of your life and lifestyle touch your sound? 

A: I feel like 2 things do that.
1. LOVE - Honest, big, and thorough.

2. I'm really really really into metaphysics. I study a lot of
the extraterrestrial,  astrological planets, chakras, Ancient Sciences,
Holistic principles. That is in essence the exact frequency that
shapes my sound.

Q: What is your creative process? How do you get started on songs or projects, and how do you know when they're done?

A: Good question! I'm still trying to figure that out myself!
I know when it comes to the song itself I've always needed the
instrumental first. Then I freestyle over it a few times, and that's
where I choose the flow, tempo, and usually the words as well. But
I modify accordingly! I know its done when I can memorize the words
and rap it back with no stress. The message of the song is what I
connect to. If the words flow from me, it's done.

Q: What has Been your journey as an indie musician? What are your thoughts on the current industry and its future.

A: It's a business. You have to have an authentic brand to last. Back in the day you could have the talent and they would invest in you,
develop you. Nowadays, you must be your own brand with business
etiquette, and if you have some talent with that, you're unstoppable.
I can't say that I've had major pitfalls in the industry, but I still
have a long way to go! By no means do I speak them
in my path, but I know life.  My journey thus far has been a reflection of the visions I had such a long time ago. I would sit back and have visions of me speaking in front of a park and auditorium full of people. This past year, ALL of those visions have come true. Funny part about the most high, I had no idea that included a mic and a melody! I specifically chose to be an independent artists because there is a certain type of drive and focus I attain when I know I have to save myself. I feel like that's the mentality of the new age now. People are wanting the significance of their own voice. Saving self... Independent music has a bright future as long as we have a platform, and we are creating that platform right here!