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On The Rise: Muddy Magnolias, CAPPA, and Dynamo


Hello again as we take our third look at independent artists who are on the come up. This time, we're also staying close to home. All three of these artists are Nashville natives and are shining examples of the talent in Music City, USA. If you're interested parts one or two of the series, see below.


1. Muddy Magnolias

Rolling Stone said it best: "a sound that melds city grit and Delta dirt, exploding onstage not like two lead singers but more like parts of the same whole...performed as if Mick Jagger and Keith Richards inhabited the Indigo Girls." With their debut album "Broken People" approaching, you might as well get on board now.

To preorder their upcoming album from the iTunes store, click below!


Currently touring with Matt Wertz, CAPPA is talented and upbeat. CAPPA was recently featured as a #TIDALRising star along the likes of Kevin Garrett and Neisha Ne'shae. They also compared her music to a cross between Taylor Swift and Halsey. Not bad. She prides herself on her independence and we like that. Her new EP entitled "Queen of Hearts" will be available September 16th. Save the date.

Order her debut self-titled EP CAPPA below

3. Dynamo

We saw this group of incredibly gifted musicians at ACME a few weeks back, and their performance has stuck with us as some of the best live music we've seen in Nashville. Which is saying something. Consisting of 9 core musicians, the group is either recording, performing in Nashville, or touring the world. We'll let the following video do the rest of the talking.

To purchase their live album, click below!