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On The Rise: YE Ali, Whissell, and Chancellor Warhol

Up and Coming Independents

We're back for part two of our On The Rise series which is dedicated to spotlighting talented artists who are going at it on their own. Don't miss out on some great music from Eryn Allen Kane, Mike Floss, and Why Not Y in our first edition of this series.

Musicians on the Rise

1. YE Ali

Getting acclaim from two mixtapes titled "El Finito" and "The Instrumental" put YE Ali on the map, and he has continued to be one of the most prolific independent artists out there. 8 mixtapes in one year is no joke, and if you haven't heard him now is the time as he prepares to release his newest project, "Traphousejodeci".

2. Whissell

Shout out to ACME Feed and Seed for hosting this talented vocalist and songwriter a few weeks back. Recently being featured on Spotify's Femme Fatale playlist with the likes of Adele and Amy Winehouse, she's got a bright future ahead.

3. Chancellor Warhol

Born in Nashville, Chancellor Warhol has been making albums since his debut with Japanese Lunchbox in 2010 which won "Best Rap Album of 2010" as voted by The Nashville Scene. Below is a more recent video that is 100% worth watching.