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On The Rise: Eryn Allen Kane, Mike Floss, and Why Not Y

Up and Coming Independents

This will be a series dedicated to making sure we're all aware of incredibly talented independent artists who are making waves. This is the first of many, and it's important to know that we're always on the lookout for new sound. Use the Submit page to key us in to what you're listening to.

Musicians On The Rise

1. Eryn Allen Kane

We'll start off with the fact that she's playing at Billboard's Hot 100 Music Festival in August with the likes of J. Cole, Ariana Grande, and Fetty Wap. She's "Detroit raised and Chicago based", and she has two "Acts" worth listening to on Soundcloud here.

2. Mike Floss

We appreciate anyone putting on for Nashville hip hop, and that's definitely Mike Floss. Dopeboy Dreaming is fire, and so is the rest of his music. His new mixtape called "Don't Blame The Youth" is available for purchase on iTunes here.

3. Why Not Y

Why Not Y is composed of Kelley Kessel, Pia Molina, and Ryan Raines. They recently celebrated one of their singles "Future Feel" getting 100,000 streams on Spotify. That's a lot of streams. They're from Miami, FL, and their latest single (The Line ft Titon Law) is available for purchase on iTunes here.