Invest in Music.

Quick Facts


-Launch Date: April 5, 2016

-Location: Based in Nashville, TN

-Userbase: 32 independent artists are currently offering content on TempoTrader

-Traffic: 4,000+ page views since launch (first month)

-Social: Facebook  1,000+             Instagram  2,400+        

Our Story

Since the beginning of high school we were always dreaming up ideas. Usually they never worked, but it was part of our friendship so we would just do it for fun most of the time. TempoTrader started as an idea that we had one summer while 3 of us were just sitting in the car listening to Earl Sweatshirt right before his debut album “Doris” dropped. After hearing a few singles someone jokingly said that they wished they could invest in Earl before the album came out. We all immediately looked at each other and said “Oh my god, that’s it” (serious shouts to Earl). We immediately went home and spread a bunch of paper out on the kitchen table and started drawing wireframes and exploring the idea. That morning we landed on the name TempoTrader.

We started to work seriously on the project in January of 2014 with Google Hangouts as our office since we were all at different universities (Florida State, Brown, and McGill). We have spent way too much time on Hangouts. We have always been keenly aware of the fact that the music industry is at a point where a lot of people aren’t willing to pay for music and the dominant streaming services don’t pay artists equitably. With that in mind, we set out to build a freer, cleaner marketplace for music where fans and artists are the players - no middle men. Over the course of over 2 years, the project has gone through countless changes as we learned our way through the entrepreneurial process. We were lucky to find two brilliant computer scientists at Brown University to be our partners and lead developers, and our five person team was complete. We spent over a year building our marketplace from scratch, and after a private alpha round with a small group of artists, we finally brought the product live on April 5th, 2016.

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