Invest in Music.

- Is TempoTrader free to use?

Yes! Making an account is free for everyone! The only thing that costs money on the site is Tempos. If you want to just browse TempoTrader and use it to follow artists and listen to music, you can do that without ever spending a cent. If you want to buy a Tempo, however, you’ll have to pay for it! For artists, there are no costs at all.

- Do I have to connect a bank account?

No, not necessarily. You could make an account and never deposit or withdraw money and still use TempoTrader. If you want to withdraw money you make (artists and fans) or deposit money to buy Tempos (fans), you will have to connect your bank account.

- Why do I need to connect my bank account?

We allow users to transfer money in and out of their TempoTrader wallets directly from their bank accounts. We use Dwolla to do this safely and quickly. Fans can deposit money in their wallets so that they can buy Tempos. Both artists and fans can withdraw money from their wallets and transfer it to their bank accounts.

- What is Dwolla?

Dwolla is a payment processing service that allows you to deposit money from your bank account straight to TempoTrader. Your banking information never touches our servers, so if TempoTrader’s security is breached your banking information is safe. Dwolla manages all of your banking information. Since that is the service that they have built their company on, you can rest assured that they have grade A security practices, and your information is safe.