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- Can Fans sell Tempos?

Yes! That is what makes Tempos unique from other types of subscriptions or passes to content. You can put them on sale at any time you like. Since fans can buy and sell Tempos, they are tradable!

- Why Sell a Tempo?

If you feel like you no longer want to be part of an artist’s Tempo community, you can sell their Tempo. A Tempo’s price fluctuates as it is traded between fans. If an artist whose Tempo you own gains popularity, it is likely that more people will want their Tempos. If the demand for Tempos increases, the price will increase as well. You can try to sell Tempos for more than you bought them to make a profit.

- What happens when I sell a Tempo as a fan?

When you sell a Tempo you own, the amount you sell it for will be credited to your wallet. You will also be removed from that artists Tempo community. This means you will not be able to listen to their private audio or comment on it any longer. If you still want to have their public music in your library, you have to follow them.

- What Price can I sell Tempos at?

Tempo owners can put their Tempos on sale at a price they choose. Keep in mind that your Tempo won’t sell until a fan wants to buy at your sale price. Your sale price will be the displayed Tempo price ONLY if you are the lowest seller.

- My Tempos are on sale but they aren’t selling?

The lowest price that a Tempo is on sale for is the displayed Tempo price. That means when a fan clicks “Buy” on an artist’s profile, they will buy whatever Tempos are on sale for the lowest price. Once again, you can put Tempos on sale at any price, but they will not be sold until you are the lowest seller and a fan wants to buy. This means if you want to sell right away, put your Tempo on sale for a price close to the displayed Tempo price.