Invest in Music.

- Can I own a Tempo forever?

Theoretically, yes. You have a Tempo until you sell it. Forever is a long time though, so we can’t guarantee that the site will exist forever. Or that your artist will keep their TempoTrader account live forever. Or that Earth will exist forever. You get it.

- Where can I see the music from a Tempo I own?

There is a “Library” tab in your navigation bar. This will bring you to your library where all of your music can be found. Tracks with locks on them are the private music from the Tempos you own. Other tracks are public tracks from Tempos you own or from musicians you follow. Blurred tracks are the private tracks from artists you follow. You have to buy an artist’s Tempo to have access to the blurred tracks.

- What is my portfolio?

Your portfolio is the collection of Tempos you own. The value of your portoflio is the sum of the value of each Tempo you own.

The value of a Tempo in this case is the price that it traded at last. For example, if the last person to trade Mozart's Tempo sold it for $5.00, then the value in your portfolio will be $5.00.

- How do I see price specifics for an artist who's Tempo I own?

In your portfolio, there is a list of artists names on the left side. If you click one of these, the chart to the right will update to show specific price information for that artist. The values in the price chart are the prices of previous trades of that Tempo.

- Why are the prices in my portfolio different than the price on an artist's profile?

The prices shown in the price charts and your portfolio chart are all based off of the last trade that took place for an artist's Tempo.

Example: You own Mozart's Tempo. Someone else just bought Mozarts Tempos for $5.00 and that was the last time Mozart's Tempo was traded. The price shown for Mozart's Tempo in your portfolio will be based off that trade, so it will be $5.00. Similarly, your profit/loss will be calculated based off the last trade.

- Why are my Tempos losing value?

If you see red in your portfolio, you own atleast one Tempo that is losing value. This means that Tempo's price is currently less than the price you bought it for.

See "How do Tempo Prices Rise?" and "How do Tempo Prices Fall?" for more info.