Invest in Music.

- Where can I listen to music on TempoTrader?

In your navigation bar, there is a tab called “Library”. When you follow a musician, their public SoundCloud tracks will be added to your library. If you buy an artist’s Tempo, both their public and private tracks will be available in your library. You can also listen to music directly from an artist’s profile to see if you want to follow them or buy their Tempo.

- Why can’t I play certain tracks in my library?

Tracks you can’t play are the private tracks of artists you follow.You have to buy a Tempo to listen to private audio and leave comments.

- Why can’t I leave comments on tracks in my library?

Only Tempo owners can leave comments on an artist’s music. One of the perks of owning a Tempo is you get to engage in conversation with your favorite artist over the private music they post.