Invest in Music.

- Can fans make money?

Yes! That is the goal. If you can buy Tempos for a lower price than you sell them, you make the difference. Tempo prices will go up if the demand for them goes up, so invest in artists that you think will grow.

- Can fans lose money?

Unfortunately, yes you can. TempoTrader is a marketplace. In any market, there is the risk that price does not move in your favor. If you buy a Tempo and its price goes down and you have to sell, you will lose money on your trade. TempoTrader is not responsible for any losses, so trade wisely!

- How do fans make money?

Fans make money by buying Tempos and then selling them later for more than they bought them. It is like buying a baseball card and then selling it later when it's more valuable.

- Am I guaranteed to make money if I buy a Tempo?

Nope! TempoTrader can make no guarantees. If you buy a Tempo and its price falls, you might lose money. You are taking a risk when you buy a Tempo, but remember you are getting access to private music. If you are cool with paying to buy a Tempo, stream an artist music and support that artist, its not a huge deal if you sell it back for less than you bought it! Better than the monthly fee you don't get back on other subscription services, no?

- How do I make more money on TempoTrader?

The more you invest, the more you stand to make if your investments are good. Think of things in percentages. If you own $10.00 worth of an artist’s Tempos and the Tempo price goes up 10%, you’ll make 1% of $10.00, or $1.00. If the same thing happened but you owned $100.00 of that Tempo, you would make 10% of $100.00, or $10.00. Be careful with this, however, because the same rule applies for losses (imagine price went down 10%). The best way to make money on TempoTrader is to invest in musicians you really believe will grow in popularity! And tell your friends to buy their Tempos too!