Invest in Music.

- Why Sell a Tempo?

You sell your Tempos to fans to raise money. When fans buy your Tempos they get access to the private music you post, and they can comment on your tracks to give you feedback.

- Why can’t I put any Tempos on sale?

There are two reasons you might not be able to sell Tempos and your sell button will be disabled.

Is your SoundCloud account connected, and do you have at least one private track? If not, you can change the privacy settings on one of your public tracks to make it private, or you can upload a fresh track and make it private. If you have at least one private private track available on TempoTrader and still can’t sell Tempo, see below.

You already sold your Tempos for the month. A limited number of Tempos are released to your account every 30 days. The amount depends on the demand for your Tempos. Once you sell all of these Tempos, you need to wait until the next release before you can sell more.

- Why can’t I sell as many Tempos as I want?

We release a limited amount of Tempos to your account for you to sell so that your Tempos remain scarce. If you had Tempos on sale all the time, there would be no reason for fans to trade Tempos between each other. Your Tempos need to be scarce for there to be a market for them so that price can fluctuate and fans can trade.

- When are Tempos released?

We release new Tempos to your account every 30 days as long as the demand for your Tempos increases. We determine the demand for your Tempos with an algorithm based off of trader activity.

- Do I have to sell all the Tempos released to my account?

Nope! We release Tempos to your account every month if the demand for your Tempos rises. This does not mean you have to sell them! You could hold your Tempos to make them scarce if you want, and sell them later (which should make price rise, see “How do I increase my Tempo price?”). You could just sell when you need some money for a new project or piece of equipment. You could sell strategically to try to increase your Tempo price. Play around with different strategies on when you sell Tempos, and feel free to ask us any questions!