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- How do I post private audio?

On your Library page, there is an upload button. Private tracks are hosted on SoundCloud, but marked as private. When you click upload, you will be brought to SoundCloud where you can upload your track. Make sure you check the “private” box just below the description box while uploading! You can also manage the privacy setting of a track directly from TempoTrader. If you click "Edit Track" you can uncheck or check the box to make a track private or public.

- What type of private audio should I post?

It is really up to you to get creative with your private posts. You can use TempoTrader as a place to get feedback from your core fans on unfinished versions of tracks, you can use it as a platform to release music early, or you can post audio clips of you ranting about whatever. Curate a dope experience for your fans!

- How often should I post private audio?

It is up to you to decide the amount and the type of private audio you post. Whether it is unfinished versions of tracks you are working on, sneak previews, or whole albums that you only want to release privately. Keep in mind, the more interesting audio you post, the more your Tempo will be desired by fans. The more fans want your Tempos, the higher your Tempo price will be, and the more money you make! See “How can artists increase their income on TempoTrader?”.

- Will my private audio leak?

Your private audio shouldn’t leak because Tempo owners can only stream it, they can’t download it. That said, TempoTrader cannot guarantee privacy. If someone records your streaming audio and distributes it, they are committing copyright infringement but TempoTrader is not responsible.

- Why should I limit access to content by making it private on TempoTrader?

The idea is to use TempoTrader to share unreleased content with fans. If you have unfinished versions of songs, you can share them privately with your Tempo owners. This gives you the ability to get feedback to perfect your tracks before you release them publicly. You could also release finished songs privately on TempoTrader to build hype around them. If you get to a point where you have a lot of fans trading your Tempos, you could release whole albums privately and just give your paying core fans access! There’s a lot of different ways you can use the private audio upload, so you don’t have to limit access if you don’t want to.

- How do I get more useful feedback?

Add a description to your tracks to ask your Tempo owners specific questions. People usually don’t give specific feedback unless you point them in a direction. In your description you can introduce them to the track, what its status is, and what specific parts you are looking for feedback on. Since your Tempo community is a small group of supportive core fans, they should be excited to give their opinions on the questions you ask.